=Fuel Pressure= Gauge Installation

(Outside Mount, Non-Electric)

Here are some quick notes for installing a fuel pressure gauge in the Z31. I wanted to get an electric fuel pressure gauge for easy internal mounting, but they are just too dang expensive (right around $200 for AutoMeter). I wanted to make this a simple, clean install. To do so required two items in addition to the gauge itself.

A) Fuel pressure guage fitting (Summit: SUM-G1710 $5.88)
B) a two foot, -4AN to 1/8 NPT braided fuel hose (Summit: NOS-15240-2NOS $27.69)

You might want to check with TSS (thespecshop.com) to see if they have these or similar items. You could also get this single stubby fitting instead, if you don't mind mounting the gauge right by the original fuel hose. That will save you quite a bit of money, but if mounted straightup, could have hood clearance issues.

(Summit: EAR-916104ERL $6.95 -4 Female to 1/8 NPT Male)

Relieve fuel pressure, remove fuel hose between filter and fuel rail (catching fuel into container).

Now the hardest part of this job if you are using the fitting above -- cut fuel hose about 6" from filter end and connect new hose ends to the fuel pressure fitting. The fitting is 1/16" oversized and has barbed ends and it is a serious pain in the butt to get the fuel hose on. To make life a LITTLE easier, evenly grind down some of the height off the barbed ends, then shape the front to be more rounded. I used a Dremel with stone tool to do this. Then I sanded down the grinds with fine, wet sand paper. Spray some WD-40 on the adapter and inside the ends of the fuel hose, then twist them as you push them down to a flush fit. If you get the grinding just right, the hoses will still be secure and "pretty" easy to get on.

From there, it's cake. Use some teflon compound (some say not to use teflon tape for fuel/tapered fittings). Tighten down the hose ends to the fitting and gauge, then install the hose (you'll need two new hose clamps, or four if replacing the old ones). Mount the gauge as preferred. With two feet of hose, you will have plenty (maybe too much) slack.