Note: Remaining picture (below) show car with REAR LOUVRE and an OLDER EXHAUST TIP.

REAR LOUVRE has been REMOVED FROM THIS CAR; SPOILER has been Installed and New Exhaust Tip Installed (Pictures on AUCTION page show current state of car)



Paint (2001, mostly good, some minor flaws)

Tire/Tool Wells: Notorious on the Z is rust under the tools and spare tire. This is caused by leaking quarter-panel windows and taillight assembly. The windows and taillight assemblies have been removed and resealed. Though otherwise sound, these areas need some work. The surrounding areas are SOLID and show no sign of rust. Though lightly rusted under the tool area, the are does appear strong - the strut towers and other areas are fine as far as I know. The hole in the tire well area obviously needs to be fixed. However, these areas have been this way since I've owned the car and no further spread of rust has been noticed. Just about any Z you find will have some rust in this area, and many times it will be much worse. You should be able to have this fixed at minimal cost, quickly, and permanently.


Again, PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS you may have. I can't be responsible for answering questions I don't know about.

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