NISSAN 300zx 1984

Non-Turbo, 5-Speed Manual, CA || Awesome Car in Great Shape || Almost Entirely Restored || Upgrades/Modifications

Looking for a nice Z? Get this well-restored ride and save a ton of money! Up for sale is a 1984 300ZX Non-Turbo (NA, Normally Aspirated). I hate to let it go, but I've got two Z's (other is a '91 TT) now and I made a deal that I would sell one of the Z's. The car is in great shape - has upgraded suspension, intake, throttle body, electric fan, underdrive pulley, upgraded alternator, and exhaust (includes HEADERS and CATBACK). Engine had a performance cam, but was switched back to stock for emissions purposes. Handles like a dream (has 88 SS edition springs w/Bilstein Shocks). With a new clutch and transmission and a rebuilt motor, the car starts right up, shifts smoothly, purrs like a kitten, and pulls nicely through all gears. Total original Mileage is 160,706. But the mileage tells very little about what you are getting with this Z. Mileage on rebuilt motor and transmission is around 15K.

Email Me if you have any questions!

The car maintains a pretty much stock look inside and out, though it does have a spoiler (West Wings standard, new and newly painted - $400) and the engine has been details (paint). Passes emissions (I have CURRENT Utah County tests to show). Car is in Utah, but currently registered in California.

I've owned this Z for ~8 years. It has been very well taken care of. I do not smoke - no one has smoked in this car since I've owned it. There are a couple cigarette marks from a previous owner. I have been picky about everything on this car. There are some subtle interior accents that I give the car a great, more modern look. I usually upgraded any part that needed to be replaced (ie shocks, springs, etc).

Terms of Sale (Begin)

The car is being sold WITHOUT WARRANTY, AS IS. I am describing the condition and operation of this car through written description and detailed photos. While I consider myself a reasonable, honest, and fair person, the condition of a used vehicle is subjective. As such, I make no promise or warranty expressed or implied regarding the future operability of this vehicle. Buyer should assume that not all minor flaws, dings, and what not associated with a 20 year old car will be noticeable or mentioned in this description, but the pictures and statements are clear. There is no warranty regarding the engine, drivetrain, or for any other component, though the car runs near flawlessly RIGHT NOW.

Email Me if you have any questions!

Buyer is RESPONSIBLE for all expenses associated with the sale of this vehicle. I expect contact immediately upon winning the auction. I recommend that the potential buyer ask any questions, requests pictures, or flies out to inspect/drive the car before finalizing purchase. Inspection by a local independent dealer can be done at your expense. If you feel the vehicle is not as represented upon personal inspection, we can either discuss a reasonable discount or forego the sale - however, based on the fact that I have described this car in good faith, I am not responsible for costs incurred for your travel. Once you pay for the vehicle, you are the new owner. No returns, repair, or warranty service can be expected and none will be provided.

A $500 deposit (or 10% of purchase price, whichever is less) on the car within 2 day of the end of auction - deposit will be applied to purchase price. Please make arrangements to complete the purchase and transfer of the vehicle within 2 weeks. If the purchase is not completed or the car is not inspected for purchase within 2 weeks, the deposit will become non-refundable (will be applied if you complete the sale, but not refunded if you do not complete or refuse purchase). If you do inspect the car within 2 weeks and decide not to purchase the vehicle because you don't feel it was represented fairly, I will refund the deposit. If you decide not to purchase the vechile "just because", $100 of the deposit becomes non-refundable, the rest you get back.

BUYER IS REPSONSIBLE for shipping or pickup of the car. Please do not bid on this auction unless you are serious about owning this vehicle. PLEASE ask any important questions before bidding. If purchase results in non-paying bidder, I will probably leave negative feedback (better have a good reason : ).

I will accept Cash, Money Order, Bank Check, Cashiers Check, or other secure funds - PayPal will be accepted for the DEPOSIT, but MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED for the total payment - I'd prefer a secure check payment. Transaction and transfer of vehicle will take place only after full purchase price and associated expenses have been paid.

Terms of Sale (End)


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General Features of this 1984 300ZX Non-Turbo GL



Thousands of dollars (~$10 K) have been put into restoring this car (engine, transmission, suspsension, cosmetics, etc...see all below). Aside from this, many hours of sweat have been put into this car personally to avoid many more thousands of dollars in labor. The car looks fantastic inside and out - the seats are faded a bit, but the cloth is all in great shape with no tears. The dash, interior of doors, and other plastic has a great shine. All interior trim is in tact. The car runs starts right up. I've always been able to drive the car. Total mileage on the car is 160K, but the rebuilt engine (NISSAN mechanic) and transmission (rebuilt from Z Barn) have just over 15K pampered miles. There are two TRIP odometers on the dash - one works, one doesn't. This Z is getting excellent highway mileage - last time I took a trip we calculated 30mpg!

This Z has great power, a bit more than stock. The throttle response is awesome. The handling is excellent. It rides firm yet comfortable, and responds quickly. Supsension has been completely upgraded from stock. The car has in NO WAY been abused. This Z was originally from Southern California - no cancerous rust issues - there are just a few spots around the edges that could use some work. The spare tire well needs some TLC. There was some rust there from water leaks (water leaks have been fixed) that caused a hole. The rust can be cut out and the small area repaired (picture below). The areas around the hole are SOLID and show no signs of problem. You will have minimal maintenance issues and any restoration left will be limited.

When the car was purchased we had some body work done on the passenger side front corner because it was hit. Everything was put back to normal and no noticeable marks remain. The car operates, steers, brakes, aligns, etc. as it should. While I owned it, the rear driver side was hit at about 10 mph while we were stopped in traffic. Minor repairs were made to this spot, a full clear-coat paint was done, the rear bumber cover was replaced, and everything looks great. No other accidents (that I am aware of) have occured.

The A/C did not blow cold when I purchased the car. I had the system leak checked and charged and it then blew cold for years. About a year ago the charge seemed to die off slowly and now the A/C doesn't blow cold. It probably needs a quick check and recharge (charge light comes on after a few minutes). There is no indication that the pump has seized - the clutch engages and the belt spins as it should - it should be fine. I run the A/C occasionally for a few minutes to let the pump spin. The flaps in the system (floor, vent, defrost) etc work pretty well, however, there is something keeping them from blowing strong in the upper (face) position.

Pretty much everything has been replaced, removed for cleaning, or rebuilt. The only BIG things I can think of that have not been touched are the differential, power steering pump, A/C motor, and steering rack. A lot of what I did is not stuff that normal drivers would do to a car - I have never been one to run a car into the ground - rather, if I found anything even sligthly out of whack, I would attend to it.

Engine: Rebuilt by a Nissan mechanic five years ago. Has ~15K miles since the rebuilt. The engine is very strong and clean. All seals (aside from valve seals) were replaced including rear main, crank seal, oil pan gasket, cam seals, and valve cover gaskets.

Engine Block/Head Rebuilt (Valve Job, Rings, Light Hone, Seals, Dip Wash, etc) || Block painted with 1000 degree Ceramic Paint

Driver Side View || Front View || Passenger Side View

Passenger Side Cam/Valve Cover || Collector Plate

Transmission: Completely rebuilt unit from Z Barn was installed 3 years ago. The clutch was replaced with an upgraded LUK (German) clutch. The car shifts effortlessly - nice and tight through all gears. The tranny and clutch have about 12K miles on them.

Suspension: The stock non-turbo springs were replaced with the 88 Turbo version SS springs. The springs were purchased brand new from Courtesy Nissan in Texas. They cost around $400. The SS springs maintain the stock height of the car, but provide a higher spring rate (stiffer). Bistein shocks and struts were installed with the springs. Everyone that drives my Z falls in love with the handling. It gives a firm, responsive ride yet is still very comfortable for normal city driving. The endlink bushings that secure the anti-sway bar were replaced with Poly-Eurethane replacements to reduce roll.

Cosmetic: (Engine Bay): Some engine covers were painted (recently - ceramic paint, full prep) for looks and vacuum hoses were replaced with yellow, silicone hoses from Hose Techniques.

Timing Covers Nicely Painted


The following EXPENSIVE items have been RECENTLY (last few months) replaced with NISSAN OEM replacements: fuel sending unit, gauge covers, fuel pressure regulator, Throttle position sensor, Cylinder head temperature sensor, EGR Valve (used), 02 Sensor, and wiper arms, and engine harness (all connectors are good, not brittle). Last, the Air Flow Meter ($500+) was replaced after being burnt out during a bench test. An aftermarket Catalytic Converter was also installed recently - car passes emissions handly.

Other Stuff You will Get with the Car (if you want it): An assortment of bolts, screws, bulbs, brackets, a spare plug wire, and other little things I have acquired during the restoration of the car. Also included will be a spare gas cap and a test pipe (replaced catalytic converter for flow testing). Of course, you only have to take this stuff if you want it. I would suggest you do because they could be helpful. I can also provide the bulk of the original exhaust manifold and associated hardware (though there is no good reason to remove the headers and put back in the stock stuff, really).

All accesories in the car work except for one of the trip odometers and the purposely disabled security system (security works, but there is a drain on the battery with it enabled). Dome lights, electric door locks, tach, fuel gauge (normal and 1/4 tank gauge), oil pressure gauge, voltmeter, water temp gauge, speedometer, windshield wipers, rear wiper, head lights (and motors), interior lights, fuel cover opener, hatch opener, hood opener, hood and hatch struts, head lights, radio, adjustable side mirrors, electric windows (both sides), steering wheel tilt, etc etc, and OF COURSE, the talking Lady (voice warning system). In COLD weather, the driver side door (handle/opening) is a bit sticky. Probably needs minor latch adjustment.

Well, that's about it. Again, PLEASE ASK ANY QUESTIONS you may have. I can't be responsible for answering questions I don't know about. This car is a ton of fun to drive - I debated for a long time about whether to sell my '91 Twin Turbo or this Z - even though the '91 is an amazing car, there are so many things about this car that make it more fun in it's own respect.

BY THE WAY - If you use the BUY IT NOW option, I'm throwing in a brand new Golf Set (that's what I normally sell on eBAY) - Email Me for Details!


Email Me if you have any questions!


Note: Remaining pictures (below) show car with REAR LOUVRE and an OLDER EXHAUST TIP. REAR LOUVRE has been REMOVED FROM THIS CAR; SPOILER has been Installed and New Exhaust Tip Installed (Pictures on AUCTION page show current state of car)




Paint (2001, mostly good, some flaws)

Tire/Tool Wells: Notorious on the Z is rust under the tools and spare tire. This is caused by leaking quarter-panel windows and taillight assembly. The windows and taillight assemblies have been removed and resealed. Though otherwise sound, these areas need some work. The surrounding areas are SOLID and show no sign of rust. Though lightly rusted under the tool area, the are does appear strong - the strut towers and other areas are fine as far as I know. The hole in the tire well area obviously needs to be fixed. However, these areas have been this way since I've owned the car and no further spread of rust has been noticed. Just about any Z you find will have some rust in this area, and many times it will be much worse. You should be able to have this fixed at minimal cost, quickly, and permanently.