Since I had no parts to finish up my Z this week, I took some time to finish a little project I got started years ago. Displayed below are my modified invoice and the original I started with. The original invoice is from an 84 NA 5-Speed. You will see that the modified invoice contains different information : ) (these are not original, official documents)

If you want to produce your own replica, copy the modified invoice to your graphics editor, then download and install my Z-DOT MATRIX True-Type font (DOT MATRIX is installed name) which I modified from a dot matrix TTF I found online. Z31.com members helped explain some of the numbers (thanks), so you can fill in the appropriate info. The engine no (after the - ) is located on the back side of the passenger side head. I had to clean up some rust/grime to read mine. The model code after the YEAR designation (thanks ZBum) is 14 (for all Z31's) and the last three numbers have something to do with engine, seat, roof, and/or transmission designations. The numbers below the TOTAL MSRP section (bottom) seem to be related to import/customs for the car. They are "CASE NO.", "MANIFEST", "BAY LANE", and the last string I have no clue about. Port of Entry may have a number designation in front, but I've also seen it written as just the city/port. Your serial number is your VIN number, which can be found "everywhere".

Using an anti-alias function and 8 and 9 point font, you can do a pretty good job recreating the orginal text look. I took significant time to match the nuances of the Nissan Dot-Matrix look for each applicable number and letter.