A while back (84na) I replaced the engine harness JUST to eliminate it as the cause of failing emissions (ie, poor performance due to faulty wiring). I wrote this page up for a salesperson at Courtesy Nissan so he could look at the clips compare them so he could send me all the ones I needed. I replaced every harness clip you see here. As I was only going to sell the car, I did not take the time to record the part #'s for all these, but I do have the part # for the black (called grey below) clips:

24225-89960 (larger clips)

These were also used to replace the white clips, so I needed 10 total of these. In fact, it may be that we used this same clip for all the clips...I can't remember exactly, but I have a bunch left over so it could be (I bought more than the 18 total clips I needed, I know that). There are also a few others holding other harness sections on the side and in front of the battery.

24222-89903 (smaller clips) -- I think you need four of these ones (2 interior and maybe a couple in the bay) -- the upper part # will replace the bulk of things.

Hopefully these pictures will help out if you intend to replace your brittle clips. At the end, I have a summary of how many clips you'll need, and of which type. There are four different types of clips. You need 18 altogether for the EFI harness and battery cables...more if you plan on replacing others around the bay.

The engine harness connects to the computer inside the car at the passenger side kick panel. From there, the harness wraps behind the blower motor mounts, where there are two clips (these appear to be the same type)...then it goes out the firewall to the engine bay. (Need 2 Clips Here - which I believe used the smaller clip 24222-89903)

The harness goes out to the engine bay, just to the right and down of the battery if you are looking from the front of the car. There are several clips along the TOP EDGE of the firewall, again, looking from the front of the car...I've numbered them and added some additional pictures so you can see them from different perspectives. There are a few other clips I need in the engine bay, which I will try to explain further down:

Closeups (below) of what is seen above...numbers correspond to picture above.

This one is (below) above the Brake Booster.

(A CloseUp [below] of #7 on the right - should help to determine what type it is).

Below are the ones that were hiding behind the water cock.

Then, there are a few clips directly where the harness comes out of the firewall. There are two here - one is missing (it was the same type)

Down here, where the ground and positive battery run through this rubber insulator, there are two more of the bigger clips (you can see the holes for both -- they are not installed in this picture)


There were (5) White, (5) Grey, (6) Black (originals have a black plastic circle in the back that mounts clip flush to metal when seated), and two grey (interior)