Types of Genuine Reebok Jerseys
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The terminology used by industry, fans, and sellers often gets mixed up. Lets clarify all that in Reebok terms so you can speak and interpret jersey lingo. First and foremost, AUTHENTIC does not refer to being a genuine Reebok jersey. Rather, AUTHENTIC refers to Reeboks top-quality, game worn jersey. Though the pro-worn jerseys are customized to fit players specifically, you can buy the standard AUTHENTIC Reebok mass produced jerseys to get equal quality to what the pros wear, sized to fit you and your pads. In Reebok terms, REPLICA does not mean fake or counterfeit. REPLICA means a genuine Reebok jersey that mimics the AUTHENTIC, but uses lesser quality fabric, normal sizing (not made to fit pads), and either complete screen printing or a mix of screen printing with embroidery. These will look essentially the same as a true game jersey from a distance, hence the name, REPLICA. Any other licensed product you see is just something else.

So, there are three types of geniune Reebok jerseys:

This page simply explains the types. To see detailed photos and scans, go to this page.

Screen Print "REPLICA". These are sized like normal shirts M, L, XL, XXL. They have flat cuffs (no spandex), screen printed numbers and Bolts, and a diamond weave material. They retail for $74.99, but can be had for much less if you shop around (eBAY, etc). There is actually another screen print that retails for $49.99. It has a smaller, incomplete Bolt on the shoulder. Not very sexy.

Note: Jersey on far Right is NOT an EXACT REPLICA - Compare Bolt Style

Embroidered "REPLICA", currently known as PREMIERE or EQT. These jerseys are a bit fancier, retailing for $109 -- the "cheap mans" alternative to the AUTHENTIC.

AUTHENTIC. These are supposed to be the same thing worn by the players on the field. They have tapered sleeves that lead into spandex/elastic cuffs. They size them 48, 50, 52, 54, etc. They run big because they are built for use with football pads. These run $249.99 and up. Very expensive.

Jersey types as described by REEBOK:

SCREEN PRINT (replica $74.99): This short sleeve polyester diamond back mesh jersey has a flat knit collar with the NFL® Equipment patch" sewn at the point in front. The officially licensed jersey is designed with the player, team and Pro Bowl® graphics screen-printed on the chest, back, sleeves and shoulders (where applicable). Extra Note: "styled after the onfield jersey" -ChargersProShop

SCREEN PRINT (replica $49.99): The replica jersey has authentic decoration in team colors with the number, name and logo. The lightning bolt sleeve decoration is 7-inches in diameter and covers the outside of each sleeve. Extra Note: "Jersey is NOT an EXACT REPLICA of player on-field jersey"

EQT - Premiere (replica $109.99): The high-quality Reebok® Premier jersey is made of heavier fabric, with nylon diamond weave mesh. This team-colored jersey showcases the embroidered NFL® Equipment patch at the point on the v-neck collar and a team specific jock tag at the lower left front above the hem. The officially licensed Premier jersey proudly displays the sewn on, single-layer tackle twill team graphics at the chest, back and sleeves.
AUTHENTIC ($249.99 - $299.99): This pro-cut jersey is engineered to duplicate the team skill position and is made of thick, high-quality Pro-Brite polyester with a lycratalic spandex dazzle collar, side panels, and cuffs. The tackle twill player's number is proudly displayed at the chest and sleeves, along with the player's name and number featured at the back.

Authorized or otherwise knowledgable and honest dealers of Reebok merchandise will use one of the terms above in their listing, or the accurate description of the jersey being sold (ie, all screen printed). For this web page, I use these terms as defined by Reebok: AUTHENTIC when referring to a genuine Reebok jersey like the ones pros wear on the field; EQT, it refers to the genuine Reebok replica that has a mix of embroidery and screen printing (on a Charger EQT jersey, the shoulder Bolts would be screen printed); screen print REPLICA , that refers to the lowest priced genuine Reebok jersey with no embroidery (aside from a few tags). I will use the term genuine Reebok to signify a product actually manufactured and assembled by Reebok.

Sellers of NFL jerseys will often use the word "authentic" to represent any genuine Reebok jersey. It's about semantics, and unfortunately you are on your own to educating yourself to know the difference. While a seller might offer an appropriately priced EQT or SCREEN PRINT jersey as an "AUTHENTIC" Reebok, Reebok's definition says those are replicas, not AUTHENTICS. For people that want to save money, but still have a pretty nice jersey, the EQTs are a great alterntive, and you can occasionally find them on eBAY or on sale at real dealers. Only the auxiliary graphics are screen printed. The embroidered/stitched numbers and name don't fade or peel. They also fit better for normal wear than AUTHENTICS. I think most people looking to save, but have a nice jersey, would be very happy with an EQT.

AUTHENTICS jersey, for some, are a disappointment. Though their quality speaks for itself, along with their awesome look, they don't fit like your favorite old shirt. The shoulders are huge, as they are to accept shoulder pads. Many NFL jerseys with shoulder logos are stiff and will puff out or sit above your shoulders. Some techiques can settle this built in "feature", but essentially, you have to live with it. Still, for many, there is nothing like having the real thing. Kudos for your dedication, or to your fat wallet, whichever applies. Either way, nice looking threads!

NOTE: this web page does not discuss the possibility of fake YOUTH or LADIES jerseys. To date, I have not actually seen fakes of genuine Reebok youth, toddler, infant, or Ladies jerseys being sold. You should be safe purchasing these jerseys, and you'll likely notice the prices are indicative of the real deal. Of specialty jerseys, some fake Throwback and All Pro jerseys in adult mens sizes are found pretty regularly.

On occasion, Reebok is known to make jersey changes. They also try out fresh alternatives (ie, Storm). While new ones come out, the staples should stay the same. Don't let the odd ones confuse you. An AUTHENTIC is an AUTHENTIC.


Some people have no problem going from a suitable M, L, XL, XXL, etc to its respective AUTHENTIC size of 48, 50, 52, 54, etc. Other complain that the AUTHENTICS run a little big and suggest stepping down one size. I personally wear a medium screen print REPLICA jersey. It's a bit longer than a normal shirt and of course has plenty of room to grow. and would probably be o.k. with a size 46 AUTHENTIC, which I don't think they even produce. Of course, jerseys are traditionally supposed to run a bit large. If you want a tighter fit, the length of most jerseys will allow you to step down one size and still have a shirt that looks right. But for a normal, slightly oversized look, you can generally trust what you see in Reebok's sizing chart. An EQT, again, is a great compromise for something that looks more like an AUTHENTIC, but with a more shirt-like fit.

Here is a picture of an AUTHENTIC under a REPLICA to show you the size difference. AUTHENTICS are a bit wider, and a bit longer. One particular thing to note is that a screen print REPLICA has a small notch/cut out in the front side of the jersey, making the lenght shorter in the front than the back. The AUTHENTIC does not. So, not only is the AUTHENTIC already a bit longer (about 1 inch), it will hang ANOTHER 1 inch further in the front than a screen print REPLICA, for a total of about 2 inches. An EQT does not have the notch, but is the same length. So the front hangs about 1 inch lower than a screen print REPLICA.

White outline: REPLICA (bottom line shows back hem) || Red line: shows length of REPLICA front hem || Yellow Line: shows length of AUTHENTIC Hem (front and rear)

Below are pictures of a genuine EQT on a GENUINE AUTHENTIC, then SCREEN PRINT REPLICA over EQT over AUTHENTIC (all size M / 48). Like screen print replica, the EQT has a shorter hem in front than it does at back. Rear hem matches length of AUTHENTIC, but front hem is 1" shorter . The AUTHENTIC has even length hems front/back.


Reebok also offers some jerseys with customized sizing. You can get the length of the jersey extended to +2, +4, etc. This allows taller persons with an average frame to enjoy a nice jersey, not having to order an oversized model just so it's long enough. I believe the EQT and AUTHENTIC are the only jerseys you can custom order, and usually you have to do so at an official authorized shop. I have seen very few online stores that allow this option.

The counterfeit I purchased in size 48 is substantially larger than my M replica. The picture below show the outlined size of the replica, which is laid directly on top of the fake 48. Because fakes are not held to a high standard, you could purchase a counterfeit that is the same, smaller, larger. You just never know what you'll get if it isn't genuine. So, another plus for spending the money on the real stuff is consistency of product.

510 grams: Fake Rivers

573 grams: Gates Authentic

Hem on authentic is flat -- on replica (genuine) it has a notch on front

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