I have personally owned at least one 300ZX continuously for the last eight years. My Dad purchased a 1969 (70 Model Year) 240z, BRAND NEW, the first production of a car that became a legend...our Z legacy has continued...

DECEMBER 1997: My dad gifted me my first Z, a 1984 NA Manual (below right), a much appreciated gift as my newlywed and I had just made completed a 700 mile trip doing 35 up hills in a '77 Toyota Corolla. There was a lot of work to be done on this '84 Z, and this site,, is a result of that work.

MAY 2003: Acquired a '91 300zx Twin Turbo (Red) with 67K (above, left). This is a whole new experience. Nissan impressed the world with this revolutionary car. You can truly "Enjoy the Ride" with this beauty. PROFILE

FEBRUARY 2005: After seven years, a lot of mods, money, and learning, my 1984 NA was Sold on eBAY

JANUARY 2006: I acquired a "NEW" Z31, a Yellow '86 300zx Turbo (above, middle). Lots to tell about it, just click the preceeding link.




Other Family Z's

  • Dad owned an original 240Z
  • Brother owned a yellow 240Z in high school (license plate read: BUMBLE Z)
  • Brother owned a PRISTINE, Red (dark) '89 Z31 a few years back (sold it)
  • Friend Al owned a modified Red '84 Turbo (the car died)
  • Friend Bry owned a Black Z32 2+2 (it died)
  • Friend Budge owned a Red '87 Z for several years (and his Dad has owned Z's since 1983)

Allan's Z31 (Left) || Bryan's Z31 (Right)

I've Always Loved Yellow Z's