Al's 370z

Al: "This is my 'new to me' 370Z Sport.  I was originally looking for the NISMO version but could not get a price I found acceptable for one.  Also I decide that since I want to modify it anyway, the basic Sport trim would be the smarter way to go.  I had been searching for this car for the better part of a year, looking for the right deal.  Finally I found one in New Bern, NC, approximately 130 miles from my home.

"The asking price was $29,900. Before I went to look at it I talked the dealer down to $27,500.  Once I got there I drove it and Smiled! A lot! I told the dealer that I liked the car, however I didn't need it. The question was simply do I like it enough to take on a $500 per month payment. I did, but he wasn't going to know that. I told him if he would come down to $26,000 I would buy the car today.  His manager came back with the accepted offer of $26,250!  I got a great deal, the dealer invoice on what they paid for the vehicle was $700 more than I paid for it, and the best part is I got it for nearly $5,000 under Blue Book!

"I'm really excited and I really love the car.   Right now there is nothing aftermarket on the car.  It has the Sports Trim, which includes 19" Rays wheels, an aero kit which includes the spoiler, Sync Rev 6 speed manual transmission, NISMO brakes, and the sport suspension. I forgot to mention it does have a light tint on the rear window also.  The car is in new condition with only 10,200 miles on it at the time of purchase.

"This is by far the most amazing Z I've ever driven, and I've driven nearly every version up to this point. It's only going to get better as I make modifications. Future additions include, JWT Pop Charger intake (already ordered), High Flow exhaust (haven't decided which manufacturer yet, leaning toward Stillen), ECU Super Chip (hopefully JWT once they make one), poly urethane bushings (the car handles amazing as it is but you can only make it better), and the stereo needs serious upgrades.  The one complaint I have about this car is unless you got the Touring version with the Bose stereo, the stock stereo is lackluster to say the least.  The car does have a major blind spot in the left rear when driving, but if you have to change lanes just floor it and you shouldn't hit anything!"